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If you want to return purchased goods:

  1. You can use dropp off location at our brand concept store in Prague 6 - Suchdol,
  2. Or you can send it to us altogether with this filled form.
    Money refunds are via bank transfer only. You can return goods wihtin 14 days from the purchase. We will refund within 14 days from receiving your item.


Do you wish to exchange purchased goods? We will be happy to do that for you. You would have two option how to proceed..

  1. You can return the goods as described above in the return procedure, and create a new order. We will refund to your account the amount of the initial order. This method guarantees immediate dispatch of a new order (if the goods are in stock). This option is suitable if you are in a hurry to exchange..
  2. Return to us the item you want to exchange altogether with this form. On the back side of this form please indicate for which item you want to replace it. In case of overpayment, we would need your bank account number to where the amount of overpayment transfer. In case of unpaid ballance created by the exchange of goods, we will issue invoice for bank transfer.

Warranty claim

If you wish to claim warranty, please send us the item together with this form where you state the reason for claiming warranty. We will address the issue immediately.


Knitted sweater or beanie is not indestructible. You may accidentally tear the sleeve of the sweater over a sharp object or pull the loop of thread out of the knit. This is no tragedy and it can be repaired. If you encounter such inconvenience, deliver the Kama product to us and we will repair it professionally. Of course, this does not apply in cases where your wardrobe is visited by moths or major destruction occuers. Except for a few cases, we have always repaired the product to the customer's satisfaction. The easiest way is to send us a photo of the product first to and we will tell you if the damage is repairable. If it is a minor repair, we will do it for free. Upon prior agreement, we will charge more extensive repairs.

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