Yarn - 100% Merino wool

Complex, natural, functional fiber is naturally super fine and non itchy, antibacterial and odor-resistant, ideally regulates temperature, warm even when wet, antiallergic and UV-resistant. Processed without chlorine using the EXP4.0 technology for easy washing in the washing machine. Bluesign®APPROVED - Certificate of highest environmental friendliness and safety

Yarn - 50/50 Merino wool/acrylic

The combination of fine Merino wool and premium Acrylic fibers excels in softness, non itchy, antipilling and is naturally antibacterial and odorless. Bluesign®APPROVED - Certificate of highest environmental friendliness and safety.

Yarn - 45/55 Merino wool/acrylic

The combination of fine Merino wool and premium bulky Acrylic excels with fineness, breathability and extra warmth. Bluesign®APPROVED - Certificate of highest environmental friendliness and safety


Tecnowool combines the best features of the natural Merino wool material with functional properties of synthetic materials. Thanks to this combination of materials, it ideally wick the moisture away from the skin, is very durable, abrasion resistant, ideally breathable and naturaly UV-resistant.


The totally windproof, yet extremely breathable membrane. This combination of protection and breathability reduce the wind’s chilling effect while reducing the risk of hypothermia or overheating when you are active


GORE-TEX products are durably waterproof and windproof combined with optimized breathability.

Fleece - Perpetual

Plastic bottles info high quality fleece “Our vision is a world where used plastic bottles are seen not only as waste but as a valuable resource to be used repeatedly.

Fleece - Tecnostretch

TECNOSTRETCH® is a soft and very light elastic material suitable for active sport. The fiber bonding forms a durable outer side, while the internal polyester side has excellent thermal insulation properties and excellent sweat absorption capability.

Fleece - Tecnopile

Highest quality fleece made from selected polyester fibers with properties of antipilling, high thermal insulation, optimal breathability, elasticity and lightness, non-irritation and super softness and easy care.


Material made of polyamide microfibre and elastic fiberwith ability to stretch and return to its original state. Provides beanies and headbands with comfort and freedom of movement.


Polycolon® is a hydrophobic fiber which does not absorb moisture and wicks it away from skin. It has excelent thermal properties and resist dirt. It is suitable for active athletes, but also , thanks to non-irritation and comfort, for everyday use.


TEFLON® Fabric Protector provides to the fiber effective water, oil and dirt repelency. The repelent is attached directly to the fiber therfore does not limit the fabric permeability. It is suitable for machine washing and dry cleaning.


Thermolite® belongs to the category of insulating and moistuer wicking materials. Through aerated hollow fibers it provides one of the highest levels of thermal insulation.Due to its fiber profile, it efficiently and quickly transports sweat from the skin that is otherwise most involved in cooling the body.

Yarn - Wallis

WALLIS - 55% Polyacrylic, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Viscose, 5 % Silk

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