Tecnowool Merino neck warmer Kama S03

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Product description

The multifunctional scarf combines the best Merino wool and synthetic materials. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch, ideally regulates the temperature, and thanks to its synthetic fiber it quickly removes sweat from the skin and is mechanically resistant. It does not retain unpleasant odors, provides UV protection, and is easy to wash in the washing machine. The multifunctional scarf is suitable for sports and casual wear. You can wear it as a hat, balaclava (face protection) or just regularly as a scarf.

  • material Tecnowool® 40% Merino wool 45% polyester 15% nylon
  • Reflective Safety logo
  • flatlock seem
  • size UNI
  • dimensions 25x48
  • easy care
  • made in Czech Republic

Material and care

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