KAMA at Jizerská 50 several times?

We no longer count the number of Jizerská 50 years in which we were partners.


Likewise, the number of caps we have produced for each race is infinite.

It was not only hats in the official design of a particular year, but we also make hats in children's variants and sizes for each race, small company-branded collections for relays, in which dozens of teams participate. In short, it is a large number of products for organizers, track judges, VIP guests, journalists, moderators, etc.

It is important that we enjoy this work and we are happy when everyone is satisfied with our products and we are rightly proud to participate in Jizerská.

We will then go to Bedřichov with our cap stand once a year and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of this unique largest sporting event in the Czech Republic.


Here are some interesting numbers from this year's Jizerská 50.

• 8194 registered competitors from 34 countries
• 389 registered children
• 1383 registered for the new ČT Jizerská 10 route
• 4444 registered for the main 50km race
• 424,000 viewers of live broadcasts on ČT3 and ČT2
• 20,979 fans on Facebook
• 3 682 followers on Instagram
• 509 members of the Jizerská 50 club in the FOOD application
• 561,414 social media reach a week before the race and during the race weekend
• CZK 660,850 was donated by competitors to the charity for the Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation for the years 2021 and 2022
• 240 939 CZK EPP proceeds - Help with movement

  Main media appearances of the 55th year

• over 6 hours of live broadcasts on Czech Television channels
• 16 live broadcasts on Czech Television
• 2 live broadcasts on CNN Prima News and a report on TV Nova
• ORLEN Sprint petrol in an 85-minute live broadcast on ČT3
• ČEZ Jizerská 50 in a 225-minute live broadcast on ČT2
• 5 episodes of Minutes Jizerské 50
• live inputs in programs on CzechTeam TV and Mall TV
• spot and program campaign in Europe 2 and Frequency 1
'• over 60 minutes of entries on Czech Radio and Radiožurnál


And a few just random samples of official J50 hats and sweaters from previous years.

j50 random1
j50 random2
j50 random3
j50 random4
j50 random5 


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