For 20 Years, we have close cooperation with W .L. GORE & Associates GmbH

We have visited GORE Headquarter in Feldkirchen, Germany. From the company representatives, we have been granted the certificate on 20 years of close successful cooperation. Beside the official business meeting we had the opportunity to visit the new testing laboratory where all windproof and waterproof GORE-TEX® a GORE WINDSTOPPER® garments are tested for functionality.

Personally, we have witnessed testing of our product KAMA AG11 for its waterproof properties. Our product passed the test and has been confirmed to have the highest quality of functional products. Made from 100% merino wool with Self-cleaning technology which repels water, dust and dirt, resist water due to membrane GORE – TEX and hydrophobic inner material Polycolon has been named as world unique product in this category.



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