The KAMA name originated as the abbreviation of KAteřina and MAhulena, the two founders.

It all started with Mahulena, who was burning the midnight oil making winter hats on a knitting machine at home, selling them on young artists' markets.


Singer Karel Černoch designing our first logo

Mahulena's husband Jiří was a musician in the 1980s and 90s. His longest cooperation was with Karel Černoch, a prominent Czech pop-rock singer, who designed KAMA's first logo. At that time, we had our trademark registered and established a limited liability company.


At the Sport Prague fair for the first time

KAMA took part in the very first edition of the largest sports fair, Sport Prague. The organisers couldn't help warning us that it was a serious fair and if we wanted to just sell stuff on a Saturday market, we would be better off elsewhere.


Moving to Vinařská street in Prague 7

Having opened a small knitting factory and shop, we celebrated in a nearby wine bar in the Letná district with our singer friends, Karel Černoch and Hana Křížková.

The STOLL knitting machine has arrived from Reutlingen, Germany

We rented a space in a residential building in the Letná district, formerly occupied by a carpentry workshop, swept up wood shavings, knocked a hole in the wall and, with the help of a professional heavy-lifting company, installed a three-ton knitting machine – CMS 430. Seeing it hanging on the crane's rusty chains, our stomachs tumbled, because we took out an enormous loan to be able to buy the machine.

Investing into a cutting-edge machine paid off

Home knitting machines were no longer making us competitive in terms of quality and volume. We also wanted to start exporting, which is why we acquired the best technology there was – STOLL.


Our yearn supplier also had to be the best – Schoeller the Spinning Group

In our desire to produce the best quality knitwear, we started cooperating with the Austrian yarn supplier Schoeller AG. Our partnership still continues.


Obtained the licence from W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH for processing GORE-TEX® and GORE WINDSTOPPER® membranes

The GORE company saw KAMA as a perspective partner and granted us a licence for processing their renowned membranes for sports clothing. KAMA acquired the FASHION & FUNCTION label and businesses from abroad started to show interest. We have been cooperating with GORE to this day.s.


The third Stoll knitting machine was installed in an abandoned fire station in Panenské Břežany

The company had grown out of its space. We took up the offer to rent a former fire station in the village of Panenské Břežany, where we set up a small factory and a remote worksite.


Launching the first static web page

It is the dawn of the Internet. Never had we imagined what would happen in e-commerce when we launched our first static web page www.kama.cz on 1 December 1998, just after 10 pm.


The first company mascot – a labrador mix

Doing business can get stressful at times. We at Kama are fans of animals and nature and believe that a dog is the perfect stress reliever. MAX the First was everybody's darling.

Our first time at the world's largest sports clothing & equipment fair, the ISPO in Munich.

We spent the first few years building partnerships with international distributors. Only after that we invested into ISPO, our first international fair. Since then, we have been regular participants.


Moving to our own premises in Kamýcká street in Prague 6

Following years of renting all kinds of non-residential properties (in Vinařská street, for example, we stored yarn in a former bomb shelter), KAMA built its own premises in the Suchdol district of Prague. Finally, everything was under one roof: material and product storage, the knitting factory, sewing workshop, our dedicated KAMA shop and offices.


The Najbrt Studio designing the new KAMA logo

Although we liked our old jagged logo and our customers got used to it, the time had come to redesign it. The Najbrt studio came up with an ingenious solution in the form of a star/snowflake which looks like the letter K.

Making clothing for the Czech Torino olympic team

KAMA has always been a sports fan. It was with great pride that we produced around 400 sweater and hat combos for the Czech olympic team taking part in the Torino 2006 olympics.


The owners' daughter Klára joins the company

Not all business founders from the 1990s can experience the joy of passing the company on to the next generation in the family. We can.


Launching our first online shop

As a producer, we prioritize wholesale and export to distributors abroad. Some of our retail partners did not survive the 2008 economic crisis, but as the demand for KAMA products did not waver, we opened our dedicated brick-and-mortar shop as well as an online shop.


The owners' son Adam joins the company

With Adam joining in, the whole family now works in the company's management. Lean years having kicked in and it having become difficult to compete with brands which produce goods cheaply in Asia, we must roll up our sleeves and work hard. Family support and solidarity are our advantage.


Receiving the Family Business of the Year award in 2013

The expert jury of the Czech Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts awards our long-term stable position on the market, constant development, economic results and other parameters, such as transparency and ecological, economical and social sustainability.


Purchasing Stoll CMS 822 HP, a knitting machine of a new generation

We never stop evolving. Our original knitting machines are still in operation, but regular technological upgrades are necessary.


Purchasing another knitting machine, this time the Japanese Shima Seiki machine.

The compact machine can manufacture not only hats, scarves and headbands, but also gloves, socks, ties, neck guards and other small items.


Electronic B2C and B2B trading is nowadays a necessity for manufacturers

In 2018 we dedicated the building of a sophisticated E-Commerce solution in cooperation with the Company Giant Interactive s.r.o. The project immediately won II. Place in the prestigious competition WebTop 100 2018. We also received the "Award for outstanding contribution to the region" from the Association of Small and Medium-sized Tradesman and the main prize in the category "Best Board 2017" organized by the Czech Institute of Directors.


Major reconstruction and extension of the company area

In 2019 and 2020, we took a major step in the history of Kama. We have reconstructed and significantly expanded our production area and the company´s headquarters in Prague 6. We have now a modern energy-saving complex worthy of a 21st century society on the way to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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