Cotton mask KAMA

Cotton mask KAMA in universal size. Elastic bands can be tied as needed. We recommend washing the mask before first use.

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Product description

With regard to the crisis situation we include protective masks and masks in our offer. So far, we have produced and distributed over 1000 of them for free, and we continue to give away. This is our contribution to the most needy in the area. As demand continues, we continue to produce them, but we can no longer do this on a charitable basis because the company has to work somehow. We chose a minimum price of 5 Euro to cover at least the basic costs. Certainly, our goal is not to profit from the current crisis. We have experienced seamstresses and high-quality machinery, so the masks from Kama are precisely processed. It should be borne in mind that this is an improvised solution and the cotton mask is not 100% protection. In addition, it should be sterilized after each use, boiled for a few minutes and ironed after drying.

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