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Basic rules for the treatment of wool products

Hand washing
- It is advisable to wash the product manually, in lukewarm water with a maximum temperature of 30°C. After that, gently remove water by wringing and dry in a horizontal position, ideally on a towel. When rinsing, gradually reduce water temperature to avoid shrinkage or deformation.

Washing-machine - It is possible to wash the product in a washing machine. Use only a wool washing programme, which provides a gentler washing cycle (adequate temperature and lower RPM when centrifuging).

- Use mild detergents intended for wool for manual as well as machine washing.

- Do not dry the product on a heating element. If the heating temperature exceeds 30°C, the water contained in the product also warms up to more than 30°C (and this is quite common) and the product shrinks just like in case of unsuitable washing.

Do not use a fabric conditioner!

Washing in warmer water (over 30°C) and milling in a washing machine for a long time will harm the product, the knitwear will felt and shrink. A complaint about a product damaged in this way will not be accepted.