Care & Materials

Basic rules for the treatment of wool products


Hand washing
- It is advisable to wash the product manually, in lukewarm water with a maximum temperature of 30°C. After that, gently remove water by wringing and dry in a horizontal position, ideally on a towel. When rinsing, gradually reduce water temperature to avoid shrinkage or deformation.

- It is possible to wash the product in a washing machine. Use only a wool washing programme, which provides a gentler washing cycle (adequate temperature and lower RPM when centrifuging).

- Use mild detergents intended for wool for manual as well as machine washing.

- Do not dry the product on a heating element. If the heating temperature exceeds 30°C, the water contained in the product also warms up to more than 30°C (and this is quite common) and the product shrinks just like in case of unsuitable washing.

Do not use a fabric conditioner!


Washing in warmer water (over 30°C) and milling in a washing machine for a long time will harm the product, the knitwear will felt and shrink. A complaint about a product damaged in this way will not be accepted.



SCHOELLER® – Leading manufacturer of high quality yarns for sport fashion

The Austrian company Schoeller is our major supplier of yarn for KAMA ® products.
FLEUR (50/50 Merino wool/acrylic), HIGHWAY (45/55 Merino wool/acrylic) a ZEFIR (100% Merino wool) are most used yarns. FLEUR, HIGHWAY yarn mixture uses refined Merino-type wool with soft touch and a special antipilling acryl. All yarns are produced with a maximum emphasis on its high resistance and durability. It is a top product in its category and a quality guarantee for users of any form of this jersey.



• Soft feeling on skin
• Antibacterial and odourless
• Selfcleaning function
• Natural hollow fiber
• Keeps warn even wet
• Antialergic



EXP = ex polution

EXP stands for “EX-Pollution”, or the avoidance of pollutants during the anti-felting treatment process.
EXP is a revolutionary new process from the Schoeller Spinning Group that enables the wool to remain machine-washable without the use of chlorine. Schoeller has set a benchmark with this innovation and once again proven its commitment to ecological sustainability.

 BLUESIGN® - Independent ecological textile standard

Products with this designation are made of yarn Schoeller, which is subject to independent environmental standard BLUESIGN® textile industry.
The production process according to bluesign standards are focused on maximum productivity used resources, the protection and safety of the environment, protection of health and consumer protection.


In the year 2016 KAMA celebrates 20 years anniversary of partnership with W.L.Gore & Associates GmbH >>

WINDSTOPPER® – Windproof and breathable

Being a licensed partner of the company W. L. GORE & Associates GmbH, KAMA s.r.o. processes GORE WINDSTOPPER ®. This membrane material offers optimum thermal control and prevents undesirable decreases in temperature. WINDSTOPPER ® is fully windproof and extremely permeable to air. It is suitable for any outdoor activities when it is necessary to be protected against getting cold. Its steady level of comfort makes it suitable for everyday use. KAMA ® products use it in the form of a soft lining (membrane is lined on the inside) or a fleece (3 layers – fleece / WINDSTOPPER ® / fleece).

WINDSTOPPER® Softshell – Windproof, Very Breathable, Water Resistant, Snow Shedding, Abrasion Resistant, Strech

A new variant of WINDSTOPPER ® is SOFTSHELL. This fabric combines following qualities. SOFTSHELL is Totally Windproof, Very Breathable, Water Resistant, Snow Shedding, Abraision Resistant and Stretch.

GORE-TEX® – Waterproof and breathable

GORE-TEX ® is another product by W. L. GORE & Associates GmbH and is used in KAMA ® caps. It is a very thin and soft membrane, capable of transporting molecules of water steam, but not liquid water. This defines its two main qualities – it is waterproof and permeable to air. KAMA ® caps have GORE-TEX ® linings placed between two layers of the knitwear – the top wool layer with a waterproof Scotchgard ® feature, which mostly has a thermostatic function, and the inner layer, which transports body moisture out thanks to the material Polycolon ®


TECNOPILE® – High quality polyester fleece

TECNOPILE ® is a fleece brand of PONTETORTO Sport system a renown Italian producer. Its production methods have the highest quality and ensure the best quality of its products. TECNOPILE ® is produced from selected Polyesther fibers. Its features include: antipilling, high thermal insulation, optimum permeability, elasticity and lightness, no irritation and perfect softness to touch, simple maintenance. Designed for sport, outdoor and fashion.


TECNOSTRETCH®  is ideal for base and mid layering. The component yarns, make the face durable, whilst the polyester reverse has both insulation and wicking properties - add to this the elastomer, which ensures a body hugging fit.

LYCRA® - elastické vlákno

Materiál skládající se z polyamidového mikrovlákna a elastického vlákna Lycra od firmy Invista. Pozoruhodná schopnost vlákna Lycra roztáhnout se a vrátit do původního stavu zlepšuje vlastnosti všech čepic a čelenek, v nichž je toto vlákno použito. Dodává jim pohodlí a volnost pohybu, čepice lépe padne a udržuje si svůj tvar.

POLYCOLON® – Hydrophobic fiber transporting moisture

Polycolon ® is another hydrophobic fiber intended for inner parts of caps and headbands. It does not absorb moisture, just discharges it to the top layer from which it is evaporated. It has very good thermal qualities and is 40% lighter than cotton. Polycolon ® also repels impurities. It is mostly suitable for active sportsmen, but alsofor everyday use by adults and children, thanks to its nonirritating finish. Polycolon ® in KAMA ® caps and headbands is where the top colored or textured layer passes into a clearly white band, 5 to 7 cm wide, inside the product. It forms thewhole inner cap part in some more demanding products.

THERMOLITE® – Built-in warm without weight (Transporting moisture while staying dry and warm)

The garment contains a Thermolite® lining fabric designed to provides additional lightweight warmth and moisture transport. Thermolite® linning fabrics contain engineered hollow-core fibres that offer superior performance as well as soft and comfortable touch. Thermolite® fabrics are built-in warmth without weight, even when wet.

Climayarn® – temperatue control

Climayarn  combines the advantage of natural wool with strenght of Polycolon high-performance fiber. This structure creates special characteristics of Climayarn:

  • heat isolation;
  • wicks moisture outwards;
  • low weight;
  • quick dry;
  • machine washable
  • dries much quicker than comparable cotton products

The best use for this yarn is for winter sport pullovers and socks. Climayarn warms in cold weather, prevents heat accumulation and wicks moisture outwards.

TEFLON® – Water and stain repellent

TEFLON ® Fabric Protector from DuPont applied to the above mentioned FLEUR yarn, is used in KAMA ® products for the most demanding customers. Water rolls off-soils and stains just wipe away. TEFLON ® provides maximum water and stain repellency without affecting breathability of the fabric. TEFLON ® is durable to washing and dry cleaning. (Follow manufacturer's care instructions). Warm ironing or tumble drying will optimize the performances of TEFLON ®. TEFLON ® is CFC free and dermatologically tested.